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Bespoke Precision Engineering in Oxfordshire

My company, C/10 Precision, is located in Cumnor. Established in 1988, I run a small but very experienced team which combines over 55 years of precision engineering and high precision machining knowledge. My customers are principally located in the surrounding Oxfordshire area, but I am always willing to work with clients, companies and organisations nationwide in order to fulfil the need for bespoke precision-engineered builds and components.


The reputation of C/10 Precision has been built on my skills as a medical apparatus manufacturer and a photographic apparatus manufacturer. I am also highly conversant with manufacturing builds for the atomic and scientific sectors. My expertise in photographic apparatus engineering has been built on 8 years of working for a film company. Some of the apparatus I have previously machined has gone on to be used in film sets. I have clients throughout the country who regularly use my Oxfordshire workshop for photographic apparatus engineering.


Work for clients in the atomic research sector has often put my precision engineering skills to the test. I have helped in developing prototypes, components and an assortment of bits and pieces for use on rockets. My high precision machining skills have even been instrumental in the advancement of nuclear fusion projects and in nuclear magnet experiments.


Clients in Oxford, the surrounding local area and those further afield also rely on my high precision machining skills for the development of scientific projects. This is another major sector for my company. Previous precision engineering work for clients with scientific interests includes the manufacture of equipment for animal experimentation and microscope apparatus. I have previously work in a lab myself so I know this sector well.


To ensure my company meets the research and development needs of clients in Oxford, the immediate Oxfordshire area and all locations nationwide, I also specialise in atomic, scientific, medical and photographic apparatus repair. My repair services help in taking the manufacturing side of my business to a level very few engineers can emulate.


Years of experience in atomic research apparatus, photographic apparatus, scientific research apparatus and medical apparatus ensure all design, manufacture, repair and maintenance requirements can be met with total professionalism, and without any compromise in the personalised standards of service I work hard to maintain.


Any emergency needs you might have can always be accommodated.


My clients are universities, research companies, scientific research organisations, photographic companies, medical companies and industries, primarily in Oxford and the surrounding Oxfordshire area, who are looking to have precision engineering research and development needs met by reputable and experienced professionals much like themselves.

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Traditional High Precision Machining by Hand

What sets C/10 Precision apart from other precision engineering companies in Oxfordshire is a dedication to traditional high precision machining where manufacture takes place by hand. I never use Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment in my role as a medical apparatus manufacturer or as a photographic apparatus manufacturer.

Equally, CNC machinery is never used in the precision engineering of atomic or scientific research components.


This makes my work highly specialised and provides my valued customers with an authentic bespoke service which very few companies can match. My service is also more personalised, and this enables C/10 Precision as a company to deliver bespoke atomic, scientific, medical and photographic apparatus repair and manufacturing services with confidence.


Being a university city, Oxford is a key area for both myself and the company. Much of the precision engineering work I undertake involves prototypes, and I provide local and regional clients in Oxfordshire with the complete design and manufacture service. This enable them to complete their own research, development and operational needs on time.

Reasons to Choose C/10 Precision

I fully understand the needs of universities, atomic and scientific research companies and many other industries. It could be the case that you work as a medical apparatus manufacturer or a photographic apparatus manufacturer yourself, or have vested interests in the fields of atomic or scientific research, but don’t have the facilities or the machinery to take your own research and development into the next phase.


I will work alongside you from inception through to completion with a highly-skilled design, manufacture, repair and maintenance service unrivalled in the Oxfordshire area.


  • New and existing clients in or around Oxford receive a professional yet highly personalised service built around their specific needs and requirements
  • I am always willing to work with companies and organisations on a nationwide scale
  • My company only uses high precision machining equipment, working by hand, to provide a bespoke service to the client
  • C/10 Precision never uses that same CNC machinery found at engineering companies specialising in high-volume batch production
  • In my role as a medical apparatus manufacturer and a photographic apparatus manufacturer, I design, fabricate and maintain bespoke builds and components
  • I also specialise in atomic, scientific, medical and photographic apparatus repair
  • Emergency needs are managed with care, efficiency and understanding
  • My services are ideal for prototype manufacture and for complex builds which can’t be obtained on an “off-the-shelf” basis

Please contact 01865 862937 or 07990 362400 for precision engineering and high precision machining services provided by a bespoke specialist located in Oxfordshire.

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image of drill bits
image of drill bits
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